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Thu, Feb 1 2007
A 4-yr. old's birthday wish...
My sweet baby turned 4 yrs. old today.  You know what he wished for when he blew out his candles?  To be in a Star Wars movie someday.  Oh, to be 4.

Posted by laura at 9:03 PM PST
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Fri, Jan 26 2007
Jedi training

I asked A. what he wants to be when he grows up.  Hadn't done that in a while, and it's good to try and keep up with where they're at.

He wants to be a Jedi.

Not sure how to handle that one.  Not many job openings for Jedis out there.  Although, he may have a future as an actor or stunt double, so it might not be so far fetched.

Can't decide whether I'd rather have a clown, or a jedi for a son, LOL!

Posted by laura at 11:00 AM PST
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Tue, Jan 23 2007

N. recently got to witness the birth of twin calves at Grandma's ranch.  Since then, she's squeemish about the idea of eating cute, fuzzy animals.  In talking to her, this seems to be specific to mammals - chicken are still fair game (ha, ha) on the menu, at least they were.  We recently read the story Flossie and Bossie (which the kids and I HIGHLY recommend to adults and kids alike), and now poultry may be off the list.

So that leaves fruit, vegetables, dairy, and breads, right?  Sure.  Except that the newest vegetarian in our house won't let a fruit or vegetable past her lips in any form.  I'm trying to convey that one cannot live on kraft mac n cheese, and cinnamon toast alone.  I don't think she gets it.  Can one live on multi-vitamins, water,  and orange mac n cheese?  I'll let you know....

Posted by laura at 7:33 AM PST
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Thu, Jan 18 2007
Learning in spite of me

As we're approaching A's 4th bday, I've been finding myself comparing where he's at "academically" with where N. was at the same age, and I was remembering how the week before she turned 4 she had written her name all by herself for the first time.  She was always more inclined to pick up a pen and draw anyway.  A. doesn't really give a hoot about that stuff and his drawings remain a bit more primitive (he recently drew me a picture of "Robot Bunnies" which consisted of three straight lines on the page).

So what does he do two days ago?  He asks to use the dry erase board and marker and starts scribbling all over it.  I ask "hey - you wanna try and draw your letter?".  And he says "No, Mom.  I want to make J's letter!" (his cousin) and he very purposefully makes a "J" and says "There! Now I'm going to make the "ssssss" letter" and he draws a perfect "S" - then he goes back to scribbling.  I was totally LMAO!

Posted by laura at 3:06 PM PST
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Sat, Dec 23 2006
Power to the people

Eight long days without power.  Longer than a week.  It really wasn't soooo bad, though it would have been better if I hadn't had pneumonia, and A. hadn't ended up with the stomach flu!  We learned a lot.  We learned that it's one thing to be prepared for 3 days without electricity in southern CA, but it's something else to prepare for 8 days in a cold snap in WA.  A generator and a stocked woodpile are now high on our list of must haves.  We're very thankful to our neighbors who took pity on us and let us use their generator to power our fridge, and the other neighbor who shared his firewood.  I thanked them with homemade goodies!

Posted by laura at 11:08 AM PST
Updated: Fri, Jan 26 2007 11:00 AM PST
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