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Dolphin Valley Academy - North Campus

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A daily schedule? Surely you jest!

It always seemed obvious that everyone should have a school schedule.  I guess part of that came from the fact that last year we were insanely busy trying to make it to a million different activities - karate, ballet, africa group, history club, girl scouts, music class, parkdays.  I think that moving up north and having no real obligations to attend to has made me much more relaxed, and I'm enjoying it quite thoroughly.  Though, as Brian recently commented, it might be nice if school looked a little less like nothing around here! LOL!

So for right now we're mostly winging it.  The kids have been exploring the world around them, and it's been spawning some new interests.  There's been a lot more interaction with their surroundings, and you really can't beat hands-on experience when it comes to learning how your environment works.
I'm trying to strike a balance between getting The Basics covered (math and phonics/reading - though mostly it's reading that's giving me an ulcer), and respecting the value of their play.  I LOVE listening to the two of them play together!  They are so creative, and come up with such great ideas.  It's just awesome to see that happening, and I know it's not something that I could have set out to create through a curriculum or schedule of activities - it's the fruit of unstructured Kid time.
I *may* be pursuing more of a unit study approach this year.  Our family has really been enjoying the outdoors since moving North, and we're going to be studying Rivers over the next six weeks (waiting for some books to arrive at the library in a few days) for starters.  I'll be sure to put the details up on the website.  We are continuing with Singapore Math (currently in Primary 2A), Handwriting Without Tears, and PhonicsWorks (just starting the last semester of that program).
Check in over the next few months to see how this turns out - I'm bound to find something that really clicks for us sooner or later! LK
***PS: if you're interested, you can see how we've changed since last year.